Ted’s Veg

The Challenge

Outdated processes, multiple locations and two very different customer basis forced Ted’s Veg to change the way in which they operate.

The initial challenge was to provide the seamless transition when working from their home-base in Boston, Lincolnshire, and their Borough Market hub. Content creation and social-media management, multi-site networking, CCTV installations, cloud storage, process automation and web development are some (but far from all) the challenges we were presented with from Ted’s Veg.


The Journey

As our relationship with Ted’s Veg continues to blossom, our investment in their journey has also grown. Since the initial days of setting up network label printers, CCO has helped in automating and consolidating their wholesale picking, integration with third-party buying services and several successful social media and marketing campaigns. 

With their growth, 2023 sees the redevelopment of their website, with focused B2B and B2C solutions supported by personalised marketing campaigns.


In a nutshell

e-Commerce Journey Begin

A basic, fit-for-purpose e-commerce solution was developed during Covid-19 to allow their customers to still order their favourite products.

Automation & Compliance

Replacing paper picking and traditional filing with an automated order system that generates and consolidates customer orders from multiple channels.

Beginning of Digital Marketing

With all digital marketing channels moved over to CCO, we’ve just finished our initial data-gathering campaigns ready for 2023. In early 2023 we begin our personalised campaigns and industry targetted mailing.


Digital Growth


B2B Monthly Growth

Successful Projects

CCO has brought Ted’s Veg into the 21st century with a technology strategy thoroughly thought through and slowly phased into a working principle.

Calum Dawson

Commercial Director, Ted's Veg