JPS Bodyworks

The Challenge

JPS Bodyworks had received several enquiries asking if they had a website or clients mentioning they couldn’t find JPS Bodyworks on Google. JPS Bodyworks approached Cloud Connect Online for a simple, low maintenance website that would provide potential clients with examples of their work along with all of the relevant contact information.


The Solution

A single-page, low-maintenance was created to accommodate everything requested by JPS Bodyworks. This low-maintenance website provides an overview of the services and Instagram integration to show the latest examples of JPS Bodywork’s work.

In a nutshell

On-Site Photography

Cloud Connect Online visited JPS Bodywork for workshop photography along with examples of services provided for future use.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Website design, hosting and maintenance with managed Office 365 with purpose built business applications.

On-Site & Off-Site Support

General IT Support services, from hardware fixes to application queries and Office 365 support.