Our Story

How Cobra Kai and Digital Wizardry Came Together

Hey there! We’re Damean and Kurt, the faces behind CCO. Our story’s a bit like a cool TV series plot – think ‘Cobra Kai’, but with less karate and more digital awesomeness.

So, here’s the scoop: We were two freelancers, doing our thing in Lincolnshire, helping folks with their digital needs. Then, one fine day, over a chat about ‘Cobra Kai’ (yep, we’re big fans), we had this lightbulb moment. We realized our skills fit together like puzzle pieces. And just like that, CCO was born – a dynamic duo ready to take on the digital world!

Our journey’s been like a road trip, zipping across the country, setting up shop, training people, and offering support that makes a real difference. Oh, and let’s not forget Jaron – we picked him up along the way, adding his own brand of genius to the mix. With over 20 years of experience between us, and now Jaron’s fresh perspectives, we’ve got this honest, no-nonsense approach that’s won us some friends for life.

Sure, we’re small fish in this big digital pond, but that’s our superpower. We may not have every skill in the book, but guess what? Our network’s like a who’s who of industry wizards, ready to conjure up solutions when we hit a tricky spell.

Got a question? Big, small, or somewhere in between – throw it our way. We’re all ears and ready to chat.

Thanks for dropping by. Can’t wait to team up and make some digital magic happen.

Damean and Kurt



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