Who we are
Cloud Connect Online are a technology consultancy based around Lincolnshire. We started this business to help others reach their IT goals so they can continue with their usual business routines without the worry. We found a lot of companies struggled when it came to IT with plenty of different reasons. This being from IT services becoming too expensive, or they just didnt know. With these issues in mind we setup to make those worries go away!
Our Mission
​We aim to deliver quality IT services and products to help with the day to day work. We understand that every business is different and have their own ways of working. We want to be able to improve that way of working.
Customer Focus
As we understand the technology, we want to make sure you do too. 
If you aren't happy, then we aren't happy. We believe that some areas are confusing, and just because we understand, doesn't mean you shouldn't. We always recommend asking questions if you are unsure of something as we will always be happy to go over any area required. We want our customers to have a good working relationship with us and encourage feedback of any sort. We have a standard to do things right first time so we won't close anything before you say to!
Technology Driven
Our passion is with Technology and how it can make life easier.
We are technology minded and technology driven. None of us are sales or work on commission. This means that when we are quoting for a job, the price will be fair and explained in full. If there is something unnecessary or we think there is a cheaper / easier way to do something - then we will let you know. We don't want anyone paying for something when they don't need to, or would we want to make something more complex than it needs to be.